GNC Total Lean CLA Reviews [2018] Benefits & Side Effects

bottle of gnc total lean cla safflower oil

GNC Total Lean Premium CLA is a dietary supplement and/or metabolism support formula designed to offer a consistent dose of Omegas 3, 6 and 9. It includes the use of CLA and GLA to provide a wide array of benefits useful for weight loss, muscle toning, and general fat burning.

This supplement is formulated to act as a key tool in your weight management journey as will help with muscle definition. It’s able to increase your metabolic rate, burn fat, and increase energy levels with a targeted set of ingredients including CLA. It is able to help with weight loss by suppressing hunger, optimizing your metabolic rate, and increase your body’s ability to stay healthy year-round.

Total Lean CLA Ingredients

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Here is the list of ingredients in GNC Total Lean Premium CLA:

  1. Gelatin
  2. Glycerin
  3. Rosemary Extract
  4. Mixed Tocopherols
  5. Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Please note, the container comes with 60 soft gel capsules and has all nutritional information listed based on the use of two soft gel capsules per serving.

GNC Total Lean Benefits & Weight Loss Results – Does it Work?

1) Consistent Weight Loss

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The reason this product is heavily used and cited as a major weight loss supplement has to do with its consistency. The supplement is designed to offer a wide array of benefits but the most important one is weight loss. As soon as this is incorporated into your routine, it will start to have a positive impact on your ability to shed fat. It will reduce hunger, optimize your metabolic rate, and make it easier to follow a diet plan.

2) Improved Energy Levels

What is the one issue people notice when it comes to their daily routine? It’s their low energy levels!

This can be a real problem and it’s important to use GNC Total Lean Premium CLA as it can help restore those energy levels. Instead of feeling fatigued all the time and “out of it,” it’s possible to regain those past energy levels and feel alive. This is one of the reasons it becomes easier to work out and get more out of your time spent in the gym. The body starts to optimize itself over time and that’s a must when it comes to your overall health.

3) Controlled Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar

Your body cannot lose weight or get leaner until you control your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. This is a major component to your health and shouldn’t be ignored. With GNC’s CLA Safflower Oil, it can offer a consistent way to balance those levels and make sure they remain as required. Do not let these levels increase and/or decrease past the established limits. If necessary, feel free to speak to a specialist to determine how this will help you now and in the long-term. GNC Total Lean Premium CLA is well-regarded for acting as a powerful solution to control your blood pressure and/or blood sugar.

4) Improves Body Composition

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It’s one thing to lose weight and another to make sure it leads to a fitter appearance. Some people may lose weight but it is going to cause the skin to droop and look unappealing. instead of letting the skin droop or having the muscles deflate, it’s better to use GNC Total Lean Premium CLA. One of its core advantages is optimizing weight loss so only excess fat goes away. Everything else will start to become leaner and that provides you with a desirable result.

5) Improves Cardio & Joint Health

Your cardio health is of utmost importance as everything is reliant on the heart. If you are hoping to see changes in your cardio or joint health then this is the supplement to go with. it is renowned for delivering the right nutrients to this part of your body and make sure the heart remains healthy. If the goal is to lose weight then this has to be an advantage to consider as well. A healthy heart means a healthy body, which is the most important benefit of them all with GNC Total Lean Premium CLA.

6) Optimizes Muscle Tone

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Along with the overall fat loss, you are also going to notice a change in how your muscles feel as soon as they’re touched. You will be able to grab your muscle and notice the added hardness. This is a big part of getting leaner and is one of the reasons this is a powerful supplement. It will optimize your weight loss and make sure the muscles get toned appropriately. As a result, you will feel great with the overall look and the weight loss will become pronounced.

It’s best to stay consistent for this to happen!

7) Certified

The final advantage is knowing the product is certified and has been put through rigorous testing before launching onto the market. With the market for dietary supplements being confusing and unsafe, it’s best to go with a safe product such as GNC Total Lean Premium CLA. It has been put through various studies and is well-regarded as a safe supplement. This makes it easier to use and incorporate into your routine alongside a good diet plan and exercise regimen. This certified supplement is the way to go and is a positive addition to any routine.

Can You Lose Weight With Total Lean CLA?

Numerous individuals (men and women) of all ages have stated this is as good as it gets. They believe it is easy to consume, works well with all types of meals, and has led to expedited weight loss. This has given them a new sense of confidence that wasn’t there before and it has come quickly. If the goal is to go with a supplement that is fast-acting, safe, and well-studied then this is as good as they come according to people who have used it. The supplement is power-packed and provides a great set of benefits.

How to Take it – Dosage Instructions

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According to the label, it is best to take GNC Total Lean Premium CLA two times a day (4 capsules). This can be done with breakfast and dinner. It’s best to consume the supplement with a meal as it will digest better and lead to better results.

If necessary, you are advised to speak to a medical professional to choose the optimal dosage for your needs. This can help personalize the dosage and ensure it fits your medical history, fat loss needs, and overall goal.

Based on research done using GNC Total Lean Premium CLA, it is best taken in the recommended dosage for optimal weight loss.

Side Effects & Warnings

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  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue

These are the listed side effects noted with GNC Total Lean Premium CLA but it’s important to note these are rare. The supplement is a powerful solution and it’s highly recommended to take note of these side effects before beginning.

Alongside the noted side effects, GNC Total Lean Premium CLA does come along with specific warnings for children and pregnant women. These groups should not be consuming CLA or any of its variants as the side effects might be pronounced and lead to complications.

Once again, feel free to speak to a qualified medical professional to seek advice on what’s best moving forward. In addition, you should pay attention to how it combines with any other medication you may be taking at the same time. It is only listed for adult use and should not be delivered to anyone under the age of 18.

Where to Buy Total Lean

  1. Amazon

This is one of the most respected and proven dietary supplements on the market and has years of research behind it. The supplement has also been noted as a well-reviewed product and therefore can be found on various prestigious sites including the ones mentioned above. GNC Total Lean Premium CLA can be found at any one of these stores and will be listed at a good price. Take the time to dig through all relevant information on GNC Total Lean Premium CLA before making a decision and consider one of these online stores.

Final Thoughts – Does it Work?

GNC Total Lean Premium CLA is an exceptional supplement and is ideal for fat burning, weight loss, and being able to improve your general health. Numerous individuals have noticed a specific increase in their health, energy levels, and ability to shed fat as quickly as possible.

Once you start taking GNC Total Lean Premium CLA, it’s best to stick to the dosages that are recommended and move forward by recording changes. As noted with any supplement, it’s best to have a proper diet and exercise plan in place to maximize its potential as a solution. If not, the supplement will have nothing to “supplement” and that’s when the results are going to be below par.

Build a plan and take GNC Total Lean Premium CLA as the way to up your results!